Impact of water erosion on the properties of forest soils


  • Ayoub ALLAM University of ‘Dr Moulay Tahar’, Laboratory of Water Resources and Environment, 20 000 Saïda (DZ)
  • Amine H. BORSALI University of ‘Dr Moulay Tahar’, Laboratory of Water Resources and Environment, 20 000 Saïda (DZ)
  • Abdelkrim KEFIFA University of ‘Dr Moulay Tahar’, Laboratory of Water Resources and Environment, 20 000 Saïda (DZ)
  • Mohamed ZOUIDI Territory Planning Reseacrh Center (CRAT), Constantine (DZ)
  • Anne M. FARNET DA SILVA Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, IRD, Avignon Université, IMBE, UMR 7263, Campus l’Etoile, 13397 Marseille, Cedex 20 (FR)
  • Catherine RÉBUFA Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, IRD, Avignon Université, IMBE, UMR 7263, Campus l’Etoile, 13397 Marseille, Cedex 20 (FR)



Algeria, degradation, forest, soil properties, water erosion


The research work was conducted on eroded soil in the Keroua forest of Saida, Algeria, whose objective is to know the changes in the physicochemical and biological properties of forest soils subjected to the effect of water erosion. The samples were taken to a depth between 0-10 cm in each zone (eroded zone and control zone). Our results show that the biological properties are the most affected by water erosion where there was a significant decrease in basal respiration and microbial biomass, which had a negative influence on the metabolic quotient (higher values in the eroded area). For chemical properties, there was an increase in organic matter and total limestone, while the pHWater decreased in the eroded zone. For the physical properties. We raised a slight difference between the two areas, but which was not statistically significant.


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