Leaf venation patterns in Saxifraga L. species (Saxifragaceae) of Indian Western Himalaya and its taxonomic implications


  • Priyanka UNIYAL H.N.B. Garhwal University, Department of Botany, SRT campus, Tehri Garhwal 249199, Uttarakhand (IN)
  • Dharmendra Singh RAWAT G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Department of Biological Sciences, C.B.S.H., Pantnagar 263145, Uttarakhand (IN)
  • Satish CHANDRA Government Degree College Tiuni, Department of Botany, Dehradun-248199, Uttarakhand (IN)




Leaf venation, Micranthes, Saxifraga, Saxifragaceae, Western Himalaya, Uttarakhand


In the present study leaf venation types of 30 Saxifraga L. species, found in Indian Western Himalaya, were studied. Out of these, leaf venation patterns of 20 species were not previously studied. In total, five major types of leaf venations- acrodomous (perfect-basal; perfect-suprabasal; imperfect-suprabasal), camptodromous (eucamptodromous), campylodromous, hyphodromous, and palinactinodromous – were recorded. Section Micranthes show palinactinodromous; section Ciliatae show mainly acrodromous; section Mesogyne show palinactinodromous; and sect. Porphyrion show acrodromous, eucamptodromous and hyphodromous types of venation. Palinactinodromous appear as the ancestral venation type.


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