Silene thymifolia Sibth. et Sm. (Caryophyllaceae) – A vulnerable species in Romania: Anatomical aspects of vegetative organs


  • Loreley D. JIANU Ovidius University, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Aleea Universității, No. 1, 900470, Constanța (RO)
  • Rodica BERCU Ovidius University, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Aleea Universității, No. 1, 900470, Constanța (RO)
  • Dan R. POPOVICIU Ovidius University, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Aleea Universității, No. 1, 900470, Constanța (RO)



anatomy; leaf; root; Silene thymifolia; stem


Silene thymifolia (Caryophyllaceae) is considered a rare, near-threatened species in Romania, growing only on Black Sea coastal dunes.  Anatomical aspects of the root, stem and leaf of this species are presented in this study. Root, stem and leaves were analysed by brightfield microscopy, with specific staining. The root in cross section exhibited a secondary structure, generated by the activity of phellogen, and vascular cambium, with thick cork, continuous secondary xylem rings. no pith rays, but with cortical air lacunes. The stem had a primary structure with a number of collateral vascular bundles arranged on a single circle, with thick cortical schlerenchymal layers and oxalate crystals in pith cells. The epidermis showed stomata and glandular hairs. The leaf was amphystomatic leaf, with a heterogeneous mesophyll (equifacial type) and embedded vascular bundles, with a rounded mid rib surrounded by a parenchyma sheath. The spongy tissue has some large intercellular air spaces with druses. The mechanical tissue is well developed in the root and stem and poorly developed, represented by few collenchyma elements in the mesophyll, being represented by a continuous schlerenchyma fibers band present in root and stem and collenchyma in the leaf. The secretory histological elements were represented by epidermal glandular hairs and oxaliferous cells (druses) present in stem and leaf.


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